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Il Comune di Lovere

Rete Museale dell'800 Lombardo

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The Tadini Art Gallery in Lovere is located in the neoclassical palace on the shores of the Iseo Lake and was built by Count Luigi Tadini between 1821 and 1826 to exhibit his art collection within its frescoed halls.
Open to the public since 1828, the Tadini Academy Gallery is among the most ancient museums in Lombardy and still preserves its 19th century identity.
The very core of this collection is represented by the works of Antonio Canova: The Religion, unique model in clay, and  the Tadini funerary stele, dedicated to the memory of the Count’s son, Faustino, locaten in the chapel.
The Gallery preserves an abundant choice of 14th and 18th century Lombardy and Venetian paintings, masterpieces by Jacopo Bellini, Paris Bordon, Pitocchetto and Francesco Hayez, as well as an extraordinary collection of Italian and European porcelains.